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The new EU public procurement directives and other actualities (10-11 October 2013)

The Public Procurement Authority of Hungary organized an international conference on 10-11 October 2013 in Hungary, in Budapest, under the title “ The new EU public procurement directives and other actualities ”. Venue of the conference: Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget Hotel.

Presentations of the conference can be downloaded from here:

Andrea Jánosi - Expected changes in the Hungarian regulation ( download )

Christopher Bovis - Assessment of the new public procurement directives ( download )

Kristina Geiger - The new public procurement directives from the Swedish point of view ( download )

Márta Várhomoki-Molnár - Challenges related to the implementation of the new concessions directive ( download )

Miklós Fehér - Hungarian cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union ( download )

Gergő Poszler - Experiences regarding the application of the remedies directives ( download )

Zoltán Kövesdi - Public procurement remedies in Hungary ( download )

Tünde Tátrai - Prevention of corruption in the Hungarian public procurement system ( download )

Despina Pachnou - Prevention of corruption - Integrity risks and risk prevention in public procurement ( download )

Géza Patay - Ethics in public procurement? ( download )

Peter Petrik - Audit experiences of the European Commission ( download )

László Velikovszky - Monitoring experiences of public procurements from EU funds in Hungary ( download )

Balázs Dencső - Practical monitoring experiences ( download )

Gergő Poszler - Rules promoting SMEs in the new public procurement directive ( download )

Despina Pachnou - SMEs from the OECD’s point of view ( download )

Toni Saraiva - SMEs in the United Kingdom ( download )

András Hlács - Innovation in public procurement ( download )