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Welcome to the website of the Public Procurement Authority of Hungary

We would like to inform you that pursuant to Article (1) a) of Gov. Decree 460/2022 (XI.10.) on emergency rules applicable to administrative breaks that can be ordered at bodies with special legal status and at the offices of the representative bodies of local governments - subject to the provisions of Article 1 (2) - there will be an administrative break at the Public Procurement Authority from December 22, 2022 to January 6, 2023.

In 1995, having drafted the first Public Procurement Act (Act XL of 1995 on Public Procurement), the National Assembly established the Public Procurement Authority (hereinafter referred to as Authority) – called Public Procurement Council at that time – as an independent organization specialized for public procurement. The Authority is an autonomous state administration body, subordinated only to the National Assembly. The Authority is responsible for effectively contributing to framing the public procurement policy and forming and spreading lawful public procurement behaviour to enhance the public and transparent spending of public funds, while considering the public interest and the interest of contracting authorities and tenderers.