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Daily Public Procurement mobile application

The Hungarian version of the mobile application titled Daily Public Procurement launched by the Public Procurement Authority in 2017 provides first-hand information on public procurement procedures, on the documents published during the procedures and on the most important related legal contents. The mobile application can be downloaded for free-of-charge and the latest information published on the homepage of the Authority can be reached with one click from notifications, so the application is becoming more and more popular among practitioners, as it provides useful and effective assistance to follow public procurement updates and to interpret the relevant legislation.

The English language version of the mobile application titled Daily Public Procurement was launched in 2019. The English version focuses on the activities of the Authority with international relevance (conferences, programmes, presentations), and makes available documents and publications in English. The organisation, activities of the Authority and the legal background of public procurements are also presented comprehensively. The most important public procurement statistics and the updates defining the life of the Authority are also regularly published in the application.

Seeing the growing popularity among users, the Public Procurement Authority decided to build in experiences and needs accumulated since 2017, so the mobile application was given a new look in 2020, meaning a more comprehensive, innovative appearance, furthermore, its content was extended as well. The updated English content covers Hungarian public procurement issues like legal background and institutional system, public procurement from A to Z, conferences and events, publications and sustainable public procurement.