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Basic Information

The Public Procurement Authority was established by Act XL of 1995 on Public Procurement and was defined as a central budgetary organ. Act CXLIII of 2015 on Public Procurement (PPA) basically left its structure intact. The Authority is subordinated to the National Assembly.

The Council operating within the framework of the Authority aims to enforce the principles of Act CXLIII of 2015 on Public Procurement, to ensure the specific objectives in the public interest, as well as the interest of contracting authorities and tenderers. The PPA defines the organizations that have the right to delegate the members of the Council. The President of the Authority is elected by the Council for a five-year-term. The Council  prepare guidelines based on legal review decisions and experiences gained during the control public procurements, in particular on subjects specified in the PPA.

The Authority shall be responsible for efficiently contributing to the development of public procurement policy and for forming and spreading lawful behaviours in public procurement, taking into account the interests of the public, contracting authorities, and tenderers, thereby fostering the public and transparent spending of public funds.

The Secretariat of the Authority is responsible for the coordination, preparation and implementation of the decisions of the Council and the Authority; furthermore, it carries out the related data collection, recording and administration activities. The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary-General.

The Secretariat prepares Authority guidelines, which facilitate the application of the regulations applicable for contract award procedures. Each year the Secretariat responds to approximately 800 inquiries and answers each day about 30 to 40 verbal queries providing non-binding legal opinion and interpretation. The officials of the Secretariat regularly represent the Authority at various international events, conferences, and respond to invitations received from international organizations and other countries. They also participate actively in the training programs organized by the Authority.

The Authority’s manifold duties are stipulated in the PPA. In addition to the above, among others the Authority 

  • monitors the application of public procurement law and formulates its opinion on related draft legislations, 
  • collects and publishes statistical data on public procurement,
  • controls negotiated procedures without prior publication,
  • controls public procurement notices,
  • edits the Official Journal of the Authority titled Public Procurement Bulletin,
  • in terms of archive data, operates the Public Procurement Database, which is the central register of contract award procedures,
  • keeps contact with the public procurement bodies of other EU Member States,
  • organizes conferences, trainings, professional courses,
  • monitors the amendment and performance of public contracts,
  • keeps and publishes lists and registers specified by the law.

The organizational structure of the Authority: