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Chapter XXII - Procedure of the European Commision (178. §)

178. §

1.    If the European Commission considers that a manifest infringement of European Union law in the field of public procurement has been committed during a procurement procedure falling within the scope of Part Two, it may initiate procedures pursuant to paragraph 2.

2.    The European Commission shall notify the perceived infringement to the contracting entity also, calling upon it to remedy the infringement by the time of the conclusion of the contract.

3.    The contracting entity shall be required to report on the notified infringement to the Public Procurement Authority in such a way as to allow the Public Procurement Authority to forward it to the European Commission within twenty-one days from the receipt of the request, or thirty days in the case of a procurement procedure related to a public utility contract.

4.    The contracting entity shall give notification, in particular, whether

a)    the infringement has been remedied,

b)    the infringement has not been remedied, or

c)    it has suspended its procurement procedure in question, or the Public Procurement Arbitration Board has suspended the procurement procedure as an interim measure in the course of remedy proceedings.

5.    The notice in accordance with paragraph 4(b) shall give reasons. Where the reason for failure to remedy the alleged infringement is that this infringement is already the subject of a remedy proceeding, the Public Procurement Authority shall, without delay, inform the European Commission of the decision delivered in the remedy proceeding.

6.    In cases within the meaning of paragraph 4(c) the Public Procurement Authority shall also notify, without delay, the European Commission of the outcome of the procurement procedure and/or the remedy proceeding and the question of remedying the reported infringement.