Közbeszerzési Hatóság

Annex 2 to Act CXLIII of 2015 on Public Procurement

List of supplies in the field of defence


Chapter 25:

Salt, sulphur, earths and stone, plastering materials, lime and cement

Chapter 26:

Metallic ores, slag and ash

Chapter 27:

Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation, bituminous substances, mineral waxes except: ex 27.10: special engine fuels

Chapter 28:

Inorganic chemicals, organic and inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of radioactive elements and of isotopes




ex 28.09: explosives


ex 28.13: explosives


ex 28.14: tear gas


ex 28.28: explosives


ex 28.32: explosives


ex 28.39: explosives


ex 28.50: toxic products


ex 28.51: toxic products


ex 28.54: explosives

Chapter 29:

Organic chemicals




ex 29.03: explosives


ex 29.04: explosives


ex 29.07: explosives


ex 29.08: explosives


ex 29.11: explosives


ex 29.12: explosives


ex 29.13: toxic products


ex 29.14: toxic products


ex 29.15: toxic products


ex 29.21: toxic products


ex 29.22: toxic products


ex 29.23: toxic products


ex 29.26: explosives


ex 29.27: toxic products


ex 29.29: explosives

Chapter 30:

Pharmaceutical products

Chapter 31:


Chapter 32:

Tanning and dyeing extracts, tannings and their derivatives, dyes, colours, paints and varnishes, putty, fillers and stoppings, inks

Chapter 33:

Essential oils and resinoids, perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations

Chapter 34:

Soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishing and scouring preparations, candles and similar articles, modelling pastes and ‘dental waxes’

Chapter 35:

Albuminoidal substances, glues, enzymes

Chapter 37:

Photographic and cinematographic goods

Chapter 38:

Miscellaneous chemical products,




ex 38.19: toxic products

Chapter 39:

Artificial resins and plastic materials, celluloses esters and ethers, articles thereof, except:


ex 39.03: explosives

Chapter 40:

Rubber, synthetic rubber, factice, and articles thereof, except:


ex 40.11: bullet-proof tyres

Chapter 41:

Raw hides and skins (other than fur skins) and leather

Chapter 42:

Articles of leather, saddlery and harness, travel goods, handbags and similar containers, articles of animal gut (other than silk-worm gut)

Chapter 43:

Fur skins and artificial fur, manufactures thereof

Chapter 44:

Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal

Chapter 45:

Cork and articles of cork

Chapter 46:

Manufactures of straw of esparto and of other plaiting materials, basketware and wickerwork

Chapter 47:

Paper-making material

Chapter 48:

Paper and paperboard, articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard

Chapter 49:

Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry, manuscripts, typescripts and plans

Chapter 65:

Headgear and parts thereof

Chapter 66:

Umbrellas, sunshades, walking-sticks, whips, riding-crops and parts thereof

Chapter 67:

Prepared feathers and down and articles made of feathers or of down, artificial flowers, articles of human hair

Chapter 68:

Articles of stone, of plaster, of cement, of asbestos, of mica and of similar materials

Chapter 69:

Ceramic products

Chapter 70:

Glass and glassware

Chapter 71:

Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals, rolled precious metals, and articles thereof; imitation jewellery

Chapter 73:

Iron and steel and articles thereof

Chapter 74:

Copper and articles thereof

Chapter 75:

Nickel and articles thereof

Chapter 76:

Aluminium and articles thereof

Chapter 77:

Magnesium and beryllium and articles thereof

Chapter 78:

Lead and articles thereof

Chapter 79:

Zinc and articles thereof

Chapter 80:

Tin and articles thereof

Chapter 81:

Other base metals employed in metallurgy and articles thereof

Chapter 82:

Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of base metal, parts thereof, except:


ex 82.05: tools


ex 82.07: tools, parts

Chapter 83:

Miscellaneous articles of base metal

Chapter 84:

Boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances, parts thereof, except:


ex 84.06: engines


ex 84.08: other engines


ex 84.45: machinery


ex 84.53: automatic data-processing machines


ex 84.55: parts of machines under heading No 84.53


ex 84.59: nuclear reactors

Chapter 85:

Electrical machinery and equipment, parts thereof, except:


ex 85.13: telecommunication equipment


ex 85.15: transmission apparatus

Chapter 86:

Railway and tramway locomotives, rolling-stock and parts thereof, railway and tramway tracks fixtures and fittings, traffic signalling equipment of all kinds (not electrically powered), except:


ex 86.02: armoured locomotives, electric


ex 86.03: other armoured locomotives


ex 86.05: armoured wagons


ex 86.06: repair wagons


ex 86.07: wagons

Chapter 87:

Vehicles, other than railway or tramway rolling-stock, and parts thereof, except: ex 87.08: tanks and other armoured vehicles


ex 87.01: tractors


ex 87.02: military vehicles


ex 87.03: breakdown lorries


ex 87.09: motorcycles


ex 87.14: trailers

Chapter 89:

Ships, boats and floating structures, except:


ex 89.01A: warships

Chapter 90:

Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, precision, medical and surgical instruments and apparatus, parts thereof,




ex 90.05: binoculars


ex 90.13: miscellaneous instruments, lasers


ex 90.14: telemeters


ex 90.28: electrical and electronic measuring instruments


ex 90.11: microscopes


ex 90.17: medical instruments


ex 90.18: mechano-therapy appliances


ex 90.19: orthopaedic appliances


ex 90.20: X-ray apparatus

Chapter 91:

Manufacture of watches and clocks

Chapter 92:

Musical instruments, sound recorders or reproducers, television image and sound recorders or reproducers, parts and accessories of such articles

Chapter 94:

Furniture and parts thereof, bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furnishings,




ex 94.01A: aircraft seats

Chapter 95:

Articles and manufactures of carving or moulding material

Chapter 96:

Brooms, brushes, powder-puffs and sieves

Chapter 98:

Miscellaneous manufactured articles