Közbeszerzési Hatóság

180. §

The President of the Authority

180. §

1.  The president of the Authority shall

  1. represent the Authority and the Council;
  2. if invited, attend sessions of Parliament and of its committees, and present the Authority‘s annual report;
  3. issue a president‘s briefing on practical information related to procurement procedures;
  4. initiate a direct voting, in periods between council sessions, in accordance with the provisions of the organisational and operational regulations of the Authority, in order to make decisions on matters falling within the Authority’s competence and allowing of no delay;
  5. exercise employer‘s rights over the secretary-general of the Authority (hereinafter referred to as ’secretary-general‘), the employees of the Secretariat of the Authority and the Chairperson, deputy Chairperson and public procurement commissioners of the Arbitration Board;
  6. perform other responsibilities designated to it by law.

2.  The Vice-President shall have full powers to substitute for the President of the Authority in the absence of the latter.