Közbeszerzési Hatóság

121. §

The requirements concerning the subject-matter of the concession

121. §

1.    Description of the works or service concession, by indicating its nature and scope, scale or indicative value, shall be given in the notice launching the procedure in such a way as to make it possible for economic operators to assess whether they intend to participate in the procedure.

2.    The contracting authority shall provide economic operators with technical specifications in the procurement documents. Technical specifications are subject to Article 58(2)-(3) and the provisions set out in the separate act of legislation on the definition and contents of public procurement technical specifications, unless the relevant legislation provides otherwise.

3.    Where the contracting authority conducts negotiations on the technical specifications or the contract terms or the contracting authority or contracting entity requests that economic operators submit variant offers or propose solutions for certain specific characteristics, conditions, objectives, it shall specify the minimum requirements, in particular technical, functional, legal conditions, which shall be met by all tenders.

4.    Where labels or certification are required, the provisions set out in Articles 59-60 shall apply.