Közbeszerzési Hatóság

118. §

The commencement of the procedure

118. §

1. The contracting authority shall proceed as indicated in this Part of the Act in the case of works or service concessions the value of which is equal to or greater than the national threshold or, in the case of social and other services specified in Annex 3, the value of which is equal or greater than the EU threshold.

2. The publication of notices is subject to different obligations, set out in a separate act of legislation, in the case of concessions below and above EU thresholds.

3. The contracting authority shall have the freedom to organise the concession award procedure, subject to compliance with the basic principles and basic procedural rules laid down in Part One as well as in this Part of the Act.

4. The concession award procedure may consist of one or more stage(s), the contracting authority shall communicate, in the notice launching the procedure, the description of the organisation of the procedure, in the case of procedures consisting of more than one stage the objective of each stage, as well as an indicative completion deadline. Detailed information on the organisation of the procedure may also be indicated in other procurement documents and, in that context, clear information shall be provided on the point of the procedure from which tenderers are bound by the validity period. Where, in the course of the procedure, the contracting authority or contracting entity provides more precise information on the organisation of the procedure it shall notify thereof all economic operators participating in the procedure; in the event of any change in the essential information given in the notice launching the procedure or any information communicated in the procurement documents, it shall proceed according to Article 119(3).