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106. §

Dynamic purchasing system

106. §

1. The contracting authority may create a dynamic purchasing system for the implementation of its commonly used public procurements.

2. The dynamic purchasing system shall be operated as a completely electronic process, in which all communications between the contracting authority and the tenderers shall be made electronically.

3. Any economic operator shall have the right to join the dynamic purchasing system throughout its entire duration, provided that he satisfies the selection criteria laid down by the contracting authority.

4. The dynamic purchasing system may be divided by the contracting authority into several phases on the basis of the objective characteristics of procurements to be realised in the given phase (in particular on the basis of the highest value or the place of performance/delivery of contracts to be concluded in the given phase). In this case each part and the characteristics thereof shall be included in the notice launching or, in the case of procedures advertised in a prior information notice, advertising the procedure. The suitability criteria shall be established by the contracting authority separately for each phase. Article 61(4)-(6) shall not apply.