Közbeszerzési Hatóság

92. §

92. §

1. As a minimum, the invitation to tender shall contain the following elements:

  1. name and address, telephone and fax number as well as e-mail address of the contracting authority;
  2. reference to the invitation to participate published and the date of its publication;
  3. electronic location where the procurement documents can be accessed; in the case set out in Article 39(2), if those documents were not yet made available otherwise, they shall be annexed to the invitation;
  4. deadline for submitting the proposal for solution;
  5. address and way of submitting the proposal for solution;
  6. indication whether or not the proposal for solution may be submitted or the dialogue may be conducted in another language in addition to Hungarian;
  7. place and, if it is not made electronically, time of opening the proposals for solution;
  8. parties authorised to be present at the opening of the proposals for solution, where it is not made electronically;
  9. date of sending the invitation to conduct a dialogue;
  10. procedure of the conduct of the dialogue and the fundamental rules, the date of commencement thereof set by the contracting authority;
  11. where the contracting authority intends to reduce the number of the tenderers in the course of the dialogue, the conduct of the stages of the dialogue and the upper limit of the number of participants to be selected for the dialogue following the given stage;
  12. if the contracting authority intends to give a prize to one or more tenderer(s), the stipulations thereon set out by him;
  13. in line with the invitation to participate, if necessary, reference to the certificates, declarations and documents to be attached to the proposal for solution, which shall prove that neither the tenderer, its subcontractor nor the entity contributing to the certification of suitability is liable to the grounds for exclusion at the time of the conduct of the dialogue.

2. Article 88(5) shall also be applied to competitive dialogues, noting that negotiation shall be read as dialogue and the contracting authority reduces the number of proposals for solution to be discussed.

3. The proposed solution shall contain

  1. the proposal of the tenderer for a single or a multi-variant solution regarding the conditions according to Article 90(7),
  2. the preliminary offer of the tenderer, in the event that the contract is performed according to the technical, legal, or financial criteria proposed by that tenderer, as well as
  3. the indication of the element of the proposed solution which qualifies as a business secret.

4. The rules pertaining to the opening of tenders shall be applied to the submission and opening of proposals for solution and the provisions set out in Article 73(1)(a) and Article 75(1)(a) shall apply correspondingly to the proposals for solution submitted by tenderers as well.