Közbeszerzési Hatóság

20. §

The estimated value of concessions

20. §

(This amendment entered into force on 1 January 2017.)

1. The estimated value of works or service concessions shall be the total turnover, net of VAT, which is expected by the concessionaire during the contract period, at the time of the starting of the public procurement, and which derives from the works or services and related supplies for which the concession is intended.

2. In addition to the provisions set out in paragraph 1, consideration must be given to the following factors in particular in the establishment of the estimated value of works or service concessions:

  1. the value of the optional part in the case of an invitation to tender containing an optional part;
  2. revenue from the payment of fees and fines by the users of the works or services other than those collected on behalf of the contracting authority;
  3. payments or any financial advantage in any form whatsoever made by the contracting authority to the concessionaire, including compensation for compliance with a public service obligation and public investment subsidies;
  4. grants or any other financial advantage, in any form, from third parties for the performance of the concession;
  5. revenue from sales of any assets which are part of the concession;
  6. the value of all the supplies and services that are made available by the contracting authorities, provided that they are necessary for executing the concessions;
  7. any prizes or other payments to candidates or tenderers.

3. When establishing the estimated value of works or service concessions, Article 19(1)-(3) shall be applied accordingly.

4. The objective method for establishing the estimated value of works or service concessions shall be specified in the procurement documents.